With everything that happened, we need words of empowerment that could bring all of us up from our downfall. Today, we will hear a story that gives FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE. Let us meet Ruby.

FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE. THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE. It may sound cliche but it never gets old. For the past weeks, faith and hope became as great as love. We were able to see it because of the Taal Volcano eruption.

Thousands lost their homes from the abrupt bursting of that 'tiny creature'. We've never seen Batanguenos that scared for their lives. Nonetheless, love kept them alive. Love that came from all over the world. It was also love that made our family move beyond our borders to extend help to them. Even my brother's friends gathered and sent help to places at risk.

Days after, we would go back and forth to places that need help like food, medicine, water, and shelter. We asked friends who are doctors, nurses, and even engineers to help the people build their lives amidst the chaos. It is what they needed. Hope became their roof every day.

Of all the places I've been to, these words were lingering, "Wala na kaming bahay na uuwian. Nandoon lahat ng memories namin. Pero salamat sa Diyos at ligtas ang pamilya namin." Faith kept them warm.

We don't know what lies ahead, but we will always keep these three words; FAITH, HOPE, LOVE. Whatever happens, we will always help. We will always rise.