Self-Help Approach (SHA) Promotion in Lian

LASAC Child and Community Development Project continuously responds to the Catholic Social Teachings of the Church on preferential option for the poor as they organized 24 Self-Help Groups with 296 members coming from the poorest of the poor family in their respective communities. The project accompanied these women to become empowered in their economic, social and political pillars of the SHA. Economic Changes Most of the Self-Help Groups (SHGs) realized the importance of having Income Generating Activities (IGAs) to have additional income to suffice the needs of their families. 5 SHGs and 77 individual members set goals as they were provided with goal setting module. All economic goals are to put up livelihood projects or IGAs. They already set plans in order to raise capital for their target businesses. On the other hand, 2 SHGs have been provided with business promotion modules. One of them already has business plan. The plan focused on poultry raising and this will start on January since they are still collecting and saving their capital for the business. One member from Progressive SHG had issued the maximum loan amount of Php10,200 to an individual member wherein, the member used to buy a second-hand tricycle and used it to support their IGA in selling bread in their place & neighboring barangays. Social Changes A harmonious relationship among members is visible during and after the meeting. This is the impact of sharing of their stories before they proceed to the proper meeting wherein every member will share some updates regarding her life. SHG members shared their lives both happy or sad experiences without inhibitions. They felt comforted and loved when someone gave good advises and encouragement from other members. They learned to respect and be more considerate to others’ weaknesses and hardships. Unlike before, they now learned to adjust their policies in favor of those members who are experiencing financial difficulties. Aside from camaraderie & good relationships, 11 SHGs with 99 members have completed Gender Module in SHA with Basic Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (CSAP) session, wherein they learned the rights of women & children, as well as the inequality & gender biases between male & female. Thus, SHGs set group goals that include the prevention of different kinds of abuse for women & their children. Political Change Most of the SHG members stay at home to take good care of the needs of the family. It is a great achievement for them if they were able to participate in a group and developed leadership skills. The members take turns to practice leadership in each respective SHGs; they had assigned moderator, book writer and SHG representative for a certain period of time. What good is, there are several members showing their potentials to lead the group and able to articulate some issues during modules. Aside from that a new Community Facilitator was chosen from SHG and now monitors other SHG.