Caritas Internationalis Working Group Meeting

Fr. Jayson Siapco, LASAC Director, for the second time, went back to the Vatican City this December 5-7 for their 2nd Working Group Meeting for Impact Investing as its Secretary. He was appointed to become the representative for Caritas Asia in this forum because of the good practices seen being done by LASAC. He was asked to present the social enterprises of LASAC and how are they responsive to the call of Pepe Francis to concretely help the poor. He showcased how he have operated Tubig Batangan Refilling Station, Lipa Archdiocesan Formation Center, Sinsayan and Malasackit Place. He also presented the would-be-established Malasackit Cafe. Fr. Augusto Zampini of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development (Vatican City, Rome) made a comment, “Your presentation is what we are looking for! We are looking for the concrete ways on how to do impact investing!” The Director was also interviewed by Simon Clark of the Wall Street Journal (London) after knowing how the Archdiocese of Lipa works for the poor especially through its water refilling station. Together with other country representatives from Italy, Austria, USA, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Fr. Director is the only priest-member of the working group. They hope to establish and pilot programs in the near future that will be implemented in all Caritas Organizations in the World. The Working Group hopes to concretely respond on the four identified goals for 2019-2021 namely: (1) Collect & Disseminate Caritas Internationalis Member Organizations Impact Investing & Social Enterprises Policies & Activities; (2) Mobilize resources to expand private sector and II activities across the member network; (3) Initiate advocacy regarding CI Impact Investing / Social Enterprise Activities; and (4) Create a CI Social Impact Investment Fund for CI-sourced enterprises.